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Hey everyone.

Great to hear back from so many of you after being aloof for so long on this page. 

Many of you have asked about our first project that was done in the new studio last year already? So, let me share that truly memorable experience with y’all quickly.

As our timeline already reflects, I did an acoustic project with the well-known Oregon blues and rock wizard, Bobby Lindstrom, not long before leaving Bend, Oregon in mid 2013. At our sad departure, Bobby asked where he would now do his next project? 

I casually replied, “Just come down to Nashville when our new studio is ready and we’ll do it there.” 

That seemed to seal the silly agreement.

While we were finding a home and studio location in Nashville …. I stayed in touch with Bobby, who then shocked me with, “I am getting married to Sharon.” 

Which was great news, because Sharon is Bobby’s greatest fan and supporter in what he definitely does better than anyone else. So, in lieu of us NOT being able to making it up to the wedding in Oregon, we offered to fly them down here for a honeymoon/recording-session once we had wires through the wall.

Which is pretty much what it was the day that Bobby and two of Nashville’s best session players, Dennis Holt/Drums and Steve Bryant/Bass, arrived to track the nine songs in two three hours sessions. Phew!

Don’t ask how they did it, but something truly magical happened in that room between the three of them that day. It is something that Bobby and I still just share a respectable SILENCE to describe it all. Proof that, if you want a great album, use great players, great gear …. and the rest will seem easy.

Bobby and Sharon spent two weeks here in our onsite accommodations and enjoyed Nashville’s night life and got to meet Sylvester Cat, the studio owner. Sharon even looked up some old friends and relatives in the area. Bobby got to play at Nashville’s famous Bluebird Club and at the Breedlove/Two Old Hippies hangout in town. As a loyal Breedlove endorsee, they welcomed him in. 

Next thing we knew, Bobby was rocking some KILLER BLUES out on stage downtown with some “friends”. I think that EVERYONE knows Bobby. Well, it often seems like it when you’re with good and friendly people?

All too soon, Bobby and I had retracked the vocals and his deadly acoustic arrangements, the electric parts, the harmonicas and some vocal corrections … and he and Sharon said goodbye to Sylvester and flew back to Oregon, leaving me to finish the studio. Which had to happen before we mixed it all out. 

Earlier this year, Bobby was back to approve final mixes and add the backing vocals that added the final touch to the whole project.

Just some thought:

I love the song, but the issue is horrific.  “Hungry Cold and Blue”.  As the song implies, we do have many unfortunate people in America who are starving in their homes, many of those homes are cardboard boxes, tents, tarps and Plastic sheeting. 

 Our politicians have wasted valued resources fighting over the parties agenda. (At this time a health plan that will always be in conflict.  Its total intent is to be a platform for future elections).  Mean while little is done to help our impoverished citizens.  

To further the problem, and also increase the burden on our health needs, the very same government has allowed our food supply to be so contaminated that many who are not needy are also starving their selves to death.  Overweight people, whose bodies cannot process the food that they consume.    Many of which really do not over eat.  They simply eat what is convenient for them.  

It is early spring here in the Midwest, and planting season will start.  If all goes well the farmers will raise another record crop of corn this year, as they have done in the past several years.  Soybean and some alfalfa will also be abundant. 

 You would think that if production is so great that we are setting new records every year, food would be at a surplus.  It is not that easy; the corn that is grown in record amounts is not meant to be a food product, nor is it desirable.  Quite frankly it tastes like crap.  Now why is our largest agriculture crop such a bitter pill.  

The primary use of this crop is corn syrup. Yes that’s correct what isn’t used as livestock feed is processed into corn syrup.  Read the ingredients label on almost anything you are eating or feeding your children.  This product is in your food, the cheaper the product the more there is.  The more of it you eat the more you want, you are still hungry as your body is still craving nutrition.  There is none provided by the corn syrup, and your body doesn’t know what to do with the crap.

 It turns to fat, but not the kind of fat that your body can turn to protein; thus starving you to death, or just making sick and deteriorating natural body function.  We call it cancer, diabetes, heart failure, auto immune disease; the list goes on and on.

 As our impoverished who are hungry seek to feed their selves and their families, they are forced by economics to seek the cheapest food possible.  The products that we have available are very convenient, and cheap.  If it were not for the fact that our pet food is one of the bi products of this same source it would be more nutritional than most of the products in the average shopping cart.  

Corn syrup is only the tip of the iceberg; animal feed; dairy cattle, feedlot beef cattle, pigs, turkey, and chickens, are all fed the bulk of the corn that does not make syrup  At first glance this sounds like a good thing.  All things in moderation, some corm in the diet does have benefits.  Too much corn and the problems start to happen, Dairy and feed lot cattle develop all kinds of problems due to the fact that grain is only a supplement to their natural diet, used only to boost protein levels.  Bovine are grazer type animals with a very complex digestive system.  We are boosting milk production at the cost of the cows health, the cow gets to the point that it starts having heath issues it goes to slaughter, the feedlot cow is fattened up to the point that if it is allowed to keep aging, it will require massive amounts of antibiotics and steroids to survive, the resolve is to slaughter the animal earlier to avoid disease.  All of this is in our food chain, and for all of you white meat eaters, I am going to give the pig the highest marks.  Totally because this animal is like the cock roach, the pig will probably outlast us all.  As for turkey or chicken, if you have ever been in a barn with 10,000 or even 20,000 birds…………….I rest my case.  

In our compassion for the victims of poverty, we need not only to figure out how to feed the hungry; we need to acknowledge that we are all becoming hungry.  The food that we produce should provide good healthful nutrition.  Our laws should mandate that we produce a surplus of nutrition, not a bulk of useless sweetener and filler.  Our longevity should be lengthening yet we are dying younger than the generations before us.  It is important to measure the benefit of our so called advancements don’t you think.  By the way we can get there from here…………..JD           

As I ponder the topics of the day. I reflect on the fact that I have conversed with people from coast to coast. Something that is not that significant in this day and age. I find it happening quite often as of lately. I guess the real note worthy thing that I find, is that the topic is the same. In every time zone, liberal and conservative alike, the conversation is the same. Politics have destroyed our country. It is not any one party that has created the damage, it is all of them. We no longer have a governing body that is in any way in touch with the main stream population. It has even become difficult to define mainstream. As the economy spirals at a steady pace down the tube of the inevitable, the agenda never seems to slant in the direction that simply leads to the best thing for the American people. The present day government can no longer function in a manner that is efficiently representing the people as a whole, simply because of the special interest and party agenda mandating voting based on affiliation and not necessarily what is the will of the people. As I conversed with different people around the country today there was a buzz about a new movement of people towards the TEA party. At first glance it sounds like the disgruntled republicans, or something that the conservative talk radio hosts are trying to motivate. But this is not the case at all. As these TEA party type events are unfolding all over the country it is more and more apparent that the people attending these meetings are from a wide demographic of Americans. People who are fed up with the direction our governing system has gone and want to clean it up. People who are no longer willing to let the political parties further undermine our country. It is the time when there is no partisanship, just concerned citizens who have realized that the system has major problems, and it needs fixed while it is still salvageable. It actually is kind of exciting and gives one hope to hear the buzz, would it not be nice if some how it worked out that rational citizens would come out of the wood work and offer up the solutions that would lead us back to a greater and more peaceful time . Would it not also be exciting if the people became wise enough to respond when the correct solutions were offered to us by the rational thinking people? I believe that it is possible, I have no idea if it will actually sprout from a tea party, or some other entity, but I will guarantee you that if the wisdom of the people is joined by a desire to do what is best for America, the best for America will prevail. As a wise man from Hanna Wyoming told his state senator at a local town hall meeting, “If you are unable to do anything to help the people of Wyoming, I suggest you buy some cows or something cause come November You’ll be looking for a job”. It comes to mind that there needs to be a “none of the above” box on the ballot so that we have a choice that is not the lesser of two evils, if there is no worthy candidate, there need be a means for the voter to say so. More of a lets vote the assholes out, If there is no desirable candidate they’re all out of a job and we continue to look for qualified representation . Would it not be efficient to vote against one asshole without having to elect just another asshole? Any how that what people were talking about today…………………….JD

Hey gang - I recently heard this headline statement on public radio. Being a curious sort, I had to think about what it means. I don't recall who it was that said it, some famous entertainer-type. Anyway, I thought to myself: I have got perseverence. The next thought was naturally: What the heck is the top, anyway? How do I get there from here? I was in Hollywood, and what appeared to be the "top" at that time was unattainable for me. I'm sure there are some of you that can relate. Isn't the top like, when you become filthy rich $ and famous, have all the material things you can dream of, ability to buy anything that you desire, hang around with the coolest people while the "average" folks have to line up just to get a glimpse of you, etc, etc...?? Isn't that IT? You know something... Even though I feel like it took me a long, long time to really see that the "top" most folks crave - not only is an illusion concocted by shallow minds in order to take advantage of those with even shallower minds, but the results those people achieve are sometimes not at all desireable once they get them. The top for me, after all this time and seemingly wasted energy trying to climb the ladder that leads sideways (or maybe downward circles) is simply being blessed with the ways and means to do what I love and have passion for, keep a roof over my head, have some good friends (at least one or two) and learn to love what surrounds me. If only for the moment, I am at the top now. Namaste'

All right. Let's see how this blog page works, shall we? It sounds like it will be much easier for us to communicate. I will, unfortunately have to screen your entries, as on the guest book. This is to prevent bad nasties. First off, I want to say that saturday night we had a really great time. Dem Ol' Elks were in fine fashion, and Rick Speaks' combo with Dave Andrist on drums and Jim Baldwin on bass was doing some ass kicking of their own. Then on the last set Rick Speaks went song-surfing and really ripped it up on the pedal steel, with Elkhorn hangin' fifteen..... Yeah, babe! Now, it's suddenly tuesday, or excuse me, it's Bluesday. That's better, 'eh Rick? So, tonight we're gonna keep our chops up, and an eye on New Years Eve at Rick & Barbs' Homestead Bar & Grill in Fairview. Let's ROCK! BL

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