All right. Let's see how this blog page works, shall we? It sounds like it will be much easier for us to communicate. I will, unfortunately have to screen your entries, as on the guest book. This is to prevent bad nasties. First off, I want to say that saturday night we had a really great time. Dem Ol' Elks were in fine fashion, and Rick Speaks' combo with Dave Andrist on drums and Jim Baldwin on bass was doing some ass kicking of their own. Then on the last set Rick Speaks went song-surfing and really ripped it up on the pedal steel, with Elkhorn hangin' fifteen..... Yeah, babe! Now, it's suddenly tuesday, or excuse me, it's Bluesday. That's better, 'eh Rick? So, tonight we're gonna keep our chops up, and an eye on New Years Eve at Rick & Barbs' Homestead Bar & Grill in Fairview. Let's ROCK! BL


January 05, 2010 @03:21 pm
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December 29, 2009 @10:03 am
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