(From Sound Concepts Recording Face Book page October 2017)

Hey everyone.

Great to hear back from so many of you after being aloof for so long on this page. 

Many of you have asked about our first project that was done in the new studio last year already? So, let me share that truly memorable experience with y’all quickly.

As our timeline already reflects, I did an acoustic project with the well-known Oregon blues and rock wizard, Bobby Lindstrom, not long before leaving Bend, Oregon in mid 2013. At our sad departure, Bobby asked where he would now do his next project? 

I casually replied, “Just come down to Nashville when our new studio is ready and we’ll do it there.” 

That seemed to seal the silly agreement.

While we were finding a home and studio location in Nashville …. I stayed in touch with Bobby, who then shocked me with, “I am getting married to Sharon.” 

Which was great news, because Sharon is Bobby’s greatest fan and supporter in what he definitely does better than anyone else. So, in lieu of us NOT being able to making it up to the wedding in Oregon, we offered to fly them down here for a honeymoon/recording-session once we had wires through the wall.

Which is pretty much what it was the day that Bobby and two of Nashville’s best session players, Dennis Holt/Drums and Steve Bryant/Bass, arrived to track the nine songs in two three hours sessions. Phew!

Don’t ask how they did it, but something truly magical happened in that room between the three of them that day. It is something that Bobby and I still just share a respectable SILENCE to describe it all. Proof that, if you want a great album, use great players, great gear …. and the rest will seem easy.

Bobby and Sharon spent two weeks here in our onsite accommodations and enjoyed Nashville’s night life and got to meet Sylvester Cat, the studio owner. Sharon even looked up some old friends and relatives in the area. Bobby got to play at Nashville’s famous Bluebird Club and at the Breedlove/Two Old Hippies hangout in town. As a loyal Breedlove endorsee, they welcomed him in. 

Next thing we knew, Bobby was rocking some KILLER BLUES out on stage downtown with some “friends”. I think that EVERYONE knows Bobby. Well, it often seems like it when you’re with good and friendly people?

All too soon, Bobby and I had retracked the vocals and his deadly acoustic arrangements, the electric parts, the harmonicas and some vocal corrections … and he and Sharon said goodbye to Sylvester and flew back to Oregon, leaving me to finish the studio. Which had to happen before we mixed it all out. 

Earlier this year, Bobby was back to approve final mixes and add the backing vocals that added the final touch to the whole project.

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