Hey gang - I recently heard this headline statement on public radio. Being a curious sort, I had to think about what it means. I don't recall who it was that said it, some famous entertainer-type. Anyway, I thought to myself: I have got perseverence. The next thought was naturally: What the heck is the top, anyway? How do I get there from here? I was in Hollywood, and what appeared to be the "top" at that time was unattainable for me. I'm sure there are some of you that can relate. Isn't the top like, when you become filthy rich $ and famous, have all the material things you can dream of, ability to buy anything that you desire, hang around with the coolest people while the "average" folks have to line up just to get a glimpse of you, etc, etc...?? Isn't that IT? You know something... Even though I feel like it took me a long, long time to really see that the "top" most folks crave - not only is an illusion concocted by shallow minds in order to take advantage of those with even shallower minds, but the results those people achieve are sometimes not at all desireable once they get them. The top for me, after all this time and seemingly wasted energy trying to climb the ladder that leads sideways (or maybe downward circles) is simply being blessed with the ways and means to do what I love and have passion for, keep a roof over my head, have some good friends (at least one or two) and learn to love what surrounds me. If only for the moment, I am at the top now. Namaste'

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