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Bobby Lindstrom: MUSIC

Bring It On

(The Bobby Lindstrom Band)
May 13, 2011
Robert V. Lindstrom

I got a nce little job in a nice little town 

I bought a nice little car, I drive it all around

But when I get my money and take it to the bank

I get halfway there - I got an empty tank

I think there's something missing here cuz I can feel it in my bones

Can't quite put my finger on it - but I don't think we're all alone

I know You can hear me - Father Of The Sun

I know change is comin - Bring It On

You're sitting in a crows nest with comfort all around

But you're afraid of flyin - you don't want to hit the ground

You ain't learnin nothin that you dont already know

And if you stay in there much longer you're never gonna grow

We live in boxes all the same - white picket fences turning gray

Mom and Daddy pass away - light it up or fade away

I can feel you near me - how near can you come?

It aint gonna kill me so Bring It On

Bring it ahhh haaa hooaa ohh home 

Brint It On