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Bobby Lindstrom: NEWS

FireTender CD Release Party! - August 4, 2017

     The party and performance of the long-awaited all-original CD from Bobby and friends is Wednesday, August 9, at McMenamins in Bend! This is Bobby's best record so far, and will remind fans and friends everywhere that the fire of music still burns. The title signifies that all of us supporting real music are indeed tenders of that fire.

     The album was recorded mainly in summer of 2016 at Ted Nelson's Sound Concepts Recording in Nashville, formerly of Bend, Oregon, and spring of 2017 backup vocals and finishing touches were completed. 2 of the 11 tracks were recorded at Lone Wolf Studios in Sisters, Oregon by Lino Alessio in 2016.

     The Nashville musicians were two powerhouse players, Drummer Dennis Holt (ala Kansas, Taylor Swift and many others) Bassist Steve Bryant (Jerry Reed, Taylor Swift, etc etc).

     The Oregon players for the Bend performance are no slouches. drummer Jeff Ingraham (Merle Haggard) and bassist Bob Akers (Bill Medley - Righteous Brothers) and the soon to be world-famous Ed "The Whistler" Sharlet. who appears on one track, along with very special guests, and a wonderful time will be had!

     Look for FireTender on CDBaby, ITunes, Spotify, and many other outlets. Also, a limited number of vinyl records will be pressed in the near future, for those of you with the finest ears and particulars, ha! Along with more merchandise for true firetenders everywhere!

Kat Hilst, Bill Jansen Fri/Sat - March 31, 2017

Tonight (Friday March 31) at Kelly D's Irish Sports Pub from 7:30 - 10:30: Ed The Whistler, Bob Akers and myself will be "tending the fire", musically speaking, with very special guest Kat Hilst on cello!

Tomorrow night (Saturday, April 1) Long time Elkhorn bassist Bill Jansen will be filling in from 8-11pm at Sisters Saloon, along with Jeff Ingraham on drums, Ed The Whistler, and myself, "Belle" my Breedlove acoustic, "Jake" resonator from Sunday Guitars, Bend, OR; ......and my Beloved 1968 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, Bessie Mae. Bring something to feed the fire, or just belly up and feel the warmth!

Furthermore, I will be traveling back to Ted Nelson's Sound Concepts Studio just outside Nashville to finish some mixing of my new album..... I think the title will be "Firetenders" Look for it soon on CD Baby and the usual digital outlets! Stay tuned.

Booking 2017, Central Oregon and.... - March 8, 2017

All right people, we're still kickin'.... The aforementioned album will come at just the right time, I have a little faith in my pocket. The heaviest winter in a long time has beat us down a bit, but guess what? We're rising up again! Didn't surprise you, did it? Higher.

Bobby's schedule is filling up, you can check the calendar page here... mostly Oregon, some further away.... won't count anything out, but will be making peanut butter and jelly money right here at home in the meantime. Guessing the new album will be released before summer.... Namaste'

New Album Soon "Blind Storm" - August 22, 2016

Ted Nelson's Sound Concepts Studio's 1st album "Blind Storm", an eclectic offering of Bobby Lindstrom's lastest originals, will be released this fall! I am deeply grateful and honored to be working with this man, along with two of the best musicians I've had the pleasure of working with: Dennis Holt and Steve Bryant. Look them up if you want, Dennis is the drummer for Kansas, not a bad reference. Steve played bass for Jerry Reed, need any better? They both recently worked with Taylor Swift, and I haven't investigated any further, but feel free. There's an old "numbers" system from the south which enabled them to nail 9 tracks in one day. No big deal to them, they do it every day. Made me sound really good! The new original tunes seem to hold water with everyone involved, including Sharon Lindstrom and Belinda Nelson, the real forces here. Stay tuned and we will give you updates as they occur. Like network news, but more honest haha! Blues, Country, Rock n Roll, Americana. It's all very much still alive, people! Feel it coming....

Sound Concepts Recording Nashville - July 24, 2016

I see it's been a long time since the last entry here! I am writing from Ted Nelson's studio just west of Nashville, Tennessee. It's been the busiest year of my life so far as gigs go. Will add details when I can. With the help of Sharon, Belinda and Ted of course, we laid down 9 basic rythym tracks Friday July 22, for new songs. The bass player and drummer are completely and amazingly great. Dennis Holt, formerly of Kansas, Steven Bryant recently with Taylor Swift. etc etc.  Will have a brand new CD in a few months.... Take care! 

Happy Holidays, Fellow Earthlings! - December 13, 2015

Surfing along across the Universe, I see I am about to catch my tail again. Since my last entry, my amazing wife and I have been to Maui, requiring a nearly 100 degree shift in temperature in a couple days upon our return to Oregon. In Maui we met Michael at Wyland Gallery, Pete Sebastian, an inventive, talented and hospitable local singer/songwriter/guitarist who invited us to his place for dinner and jam. There we met Chris Dennis, former Carole King Percussionist; The next night, Pete offered me an opening act slot for his great band, Fish Tank, at Diamonds in Kihei; Then up the coast to Mick Fleetwood's where I actually sat at Mick's drums, (no - I didn't play them) a couple days later we hit Charlies, Willie Nelson's bar in Pa'ia, for an open mic and was received quite well. Later that week some friends' in-laws asked us out for pizza, and the music was provided by the great Tom Conway, from Willie's band. Thought you might like to hear some of this stuff.

Back in Bend, hit the ground running, lots of music and we're getting ready for Christmas, Hefferdust Ranch style...

New Years Eve - All Three Cylinders will be at Eagle Crest Resort. Mahalo. Peace. Bobby & Sharon

Honeymoon In New Orleans - November 2, 2015

Thanks Jenny and Joe for a week at the Avenue Plaza Hotel in New Orleans! Mr. and Mrs. Lindstrom were welcomed heartily and made to feel right at home. The people of NOLA are such an inspiring bunch. Everyone we met spewed kindness, and yet are tougher than hell, we all should know. Bobby played music almost all the time, jazz band on Frenchmen St; w/Jason Bishop at D'Macs "Fools On Stools" night; slack time was spent playing in the courtyard at the hotel daily; Icing on the cake was singing with the band at The House Of Blues Gospel Brunch, Sunday before flying home just as hurricane Patricia was dumping rain left over from Mexico on the Cresent City. We will never forget the spirit this amazing place shared with us. Still rising. at House Of Blues

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby & Sharon Lindstrom - September 7, 2015

Against all odds and any predictions from self-imagined masters of the Universe, I am not only married, but more happy than I have ever been. A week off leading to the wedding allowed just enough time to get it all together for love. September 5, 2015, many friends, relatives and many more gathered at our home in Bend, Oregon for the good deed of my life. I'm so glad. I'm so glad. I'm glad. I'm glad. I'm glad. Now to the business of making music happen. Thanks, song angels. Let's talk soon, k?

Hot Stuff - July 6, 2015

Hello friends, fans, families! The tally for gigs at the end of June was 162 since Jan 1... Great thanks to all involved. July has been very busy so far, and will continue. The ol' boys from ELKHORN rose to this last weekends calling, a couple thousand folks at Drake Park received us heartily for the Bend Parks and Rec festivities. Sharon and I got to be with our kids, and a whole bunch of friends for the fireworks display on Pilot Butte, complete with jam session, BBQ, the whole enchilada. Average high temp has been around 90-95 here. Troopers all, big hugs and gratitude!! On we go......

Still to come this month: Fat Tuesday's, Bend; The Wallow, Sunriver; Wubba's, Bend; Eagle Crest, Terrebonne; Crow's Feet Commons, Bend; EBar Grill, Redmond; Crazy Mama Craft Fair, Old Town Bend; Deschutes County Fair, Redmond; RAWKIT.

Whew! - June 9, 2015

As of the end of May, Bobby has tallied up an amazing 138 gigs in the first 151 days this year. Ain't dying, ain't going away, and ain't stopping. Love to you all! Thanks.

SPRING! - April 1, 2015

Bobby and Sharon have been very busy so far 2015. At an unprecedented rate, the end of March tallied 80 gigs. Fat Tuesdays is growing crowds, Stihl Whiskey Bar is still a full house, the music carries us along like waves to surfers. Great Harvest Bread Company, Drake Park, Deschutes Co Fair, Strictly Organic Coffee, gigs on the coast, and many other spots will welcome us this year. Rawk on oh ye faithful.

Lunchtime Blues @ Fat Tuesday's - February 22, 2015

Monday through Friday 12-2pm Bobby will be putting the Blues into "Fat Tuesday's Cajun and Blues", south Hwy 97, Bend, Oregon. This schedule will go on indefinitely until further notice. The crowd is getting the taste for the best Cajun food anywhere around, and the feel for this honored music.

Other gigs this spring/summer:

In central Oregon - Kelly D's, Bend Brewing Company, Strictly Organic Coffee, Great Harvest Bakery, Drake Park, Deschutes County Fairground, more...

In Coos County - 7Devils Brewery, Coos Bay.

Check Calendar dates page!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 - December 29, 2014

Looking forward to a great new year of music, friends, peace and love. Our music has grown over the past year, as has our fan base! We have met some new people and reunited with old friends. We hope that 2015 brings joy to everyone, and we hope to see you taking in some live music!

Shift! - June 30, 2014

Hello everyone - Most of my news goes on my face book page, and the way life goes, you never know. haha!

Due to events and circumstances beyond our control, I have re-booted and temporarily postponed to a later time the following: Recording the new album; Tripping to Nashville; Chuck Chills movie "The Struggle"; and the Kickstarter program. Otherwise all systems are going, gigs, 4th of July party, and most importantly our relationships with each other and our spiritual growth. For those of you who remember Fairfax Ascention, we are getting together again for August 2nd in Coquille; Same for Elkhorn August 23rd in Coos Bay.

As for forward progress on the aforementioned projects, some slow healing time is neccessary, so stay with us in spirit and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Everything will be all right up the road. Thanks for your support! Happy summer!


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News Update - April 16, 2014

Hi everyone!

A last minute change in show schedule: Mean Ed and I will not be at Faith, Hope and Charity this Thursday due to a schedule mix-up, but will return there in May. Also a one nighter has been added this Friday at Eagle Crest / Brassies Bar - featuuring harmonica great Steve Beaudry.

Our Kickstarter program will be launched in a couple days, so keep your radar on....

Thanks - Keep on, all you believers!

We're Back! - April 12, 2014

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans - John Lennon..... One of my heroes.

So much going on - 2012-2013 produced 447 gigs for me. Long story short, 4 albums in 3 years, last year no album, but now I've gathered 14 songs and have been recording the basic tracks the last few weeks.

Sacred Mountain Records owned by friend, brother, bassist and engineer Charles Button is east of Bend. Half the new songs will be recorded there, the other half will be done at Ted Nelsons' Sound Concepts Studio, recently moved to Nashville. The whole thing will be documented on film by Greenwood Creative, Mr. Chuck Chill.

We are about to launch our Kickstarter Program to help funding. Look for it very soon. (Like tomorrow April 13)

Have a little faith as you always have, and great music will keep happening. Heal the planet. RAWK. We'll talk again soon. Sorry for the lapse.... Bobby & Sharon, Hefferdust Music

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - January 7, 2014

Looking forward to a great 2014 with lots of new music and adventures. Stay tuned to hear about a little trip to the Nashville area for a little recording, visiting friends and sightseeing. Another networking/musical road trip down the Cali coast to San Diego is another goal we've been trying to accomplish for a few years now...hope to meet up with some old friends, do a gig or a few and get in some warm weather! More at 11...
Bobby and Sharon

Summer's cooling, but the music's still HOT! - August 27, 2013

Even though August is winding down, Bobby has a FULL WEEK ... lots of shows coming up, and new ones added regularly. We just returned from the southern Oregon Coast and the Coos Bay Blackberry Festival where the ELKHORN EXPRESS reunited one more time. The music was amazing, just like the old Elkhorn days with tight harmonies, slick solos, magic percussions, Bobby playing his Les Paul "Bessie Mae" to her finest licks and those favorites blues and rock 'n roll songs from the 70's. Elkhorn about lifted the lid off the stage, the crowds were happy and they just let the good times roll. And it was 10:00AM!!  What a great show, thanks to Mike Chavez and Stephanie Crouse Kilmer of K-Dock 92.9 FM for their excellent hospitality, seriously great sound and all around FESTIVAL!! Planning on coming back next year. 


Wed, Aug 28, 5:30-7:30pm SWEET SAIGON RESTAURANT


Thurs, Aug 29, 7:30 - KELLY D'S IRISH SPORTS BAR




Sun, Sep 1, 2:00pm - PRIVATE PARTY WEDDING

Thanks to everyone for supporting local, live music. You, our friends, family and fans are the reason we are here so keep coming back! p.s. we're writing some new songs, too:)


This Week's Shows June 18-22 - June 17, 2013

TUE, JUNE 18 - Northside Bar & Grill

Bobby & Derek Michael Marc Bluesday Tuesday - 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Bobby and Derek playing their best blues, rock and originals...amazing vocals and guitar won't believe it's just these two guys! This week’s guest, by popular demand, Charles Button.  Bluesday Tuesday is an evening not to miss!


WED, JUNE 19 - Pronghorn Golf Club & Resort

65600 Pronghorn Club Dr  Bend Oregon 97701  866-372-1003 [map]

Bobby Lindstrom & Ed "Whistler" Sharlet On The Patio - 6:00 pm

Bobby and Ed playing their best blues, rock and Bobby's own originals. Enjoy the beautiful patio of Pronghorn Golf Club for great food and great music. 


THUR, JUNE 20 - Kelly D's Irish Sports Bar

1012 SE Cleveland Ave  Bend Oregon 97702  541-815-8438 [map]

Bobby Lindstrom Blues - 7:00pm

Bobby playing his best blues, rock and originals...amazing vocals and guitar picking. Sometimes his sidekick Ed The Whistler joins him for a great show of some great music. Bobby just advanced as a Solo/Acoustic Act, to the semi-finals of the International Blues Challenge to be held August 18 in Snohomish WA...


FRI, JUNE 21 - Tumalo Feed Company

Bobby & Ed The Whistler - 7pm - 10pm

Tumalo [map]


SAT, JUNE 22 - HardTails Bar & Grill

175 N Larch St. Sisters Oregon 541-549-6114 [map]

Big Brother Lil Brother - 1pm - 4pm

Two of the biggest draw names in Central Oregon together: Bobby Lindstrom and Derek Michael Marc in an outdoor show on the patio at HardTails, downtown Sisters. Stir It Up!


The music is magically spreading its word...we want to thank our fans, family and friends for their support and dedication. Bobby seems to attract the good energy and connects with the people...his shows just keep getting better and better! New songs, new guitars and new styles are suiting him.

JUNE is going to be another busy month...our own community's music scene (we call them our "framily") is bursting at the seams. So much great talent in Central Oregon, and the venue owners are realizing that great, live music is what the people want!! Bend's Musical Tribe (as our dear friend Lynn dubbed it) RAWWKKS!

Bluesday Tuesdays are now becoming a tradition in Bend at the Northside B&G, initially started in Coos Bay by our dear friend Rick Speaks, gone too soon from this earth, but his musical spirit lives on through Bobby.  Bobby and his little brudder, Derek Michael Marc, invite a different special guest each week, to showcase each individual music and to blend it together...amazing stuff has come out of that. Imagine the blues with a cello, or fretless bass, or killer harmonica rips...together with Bobby and Derek's amazing vocals and guitar playing and you've got some BLUEZZZ.  Featured this week, Bluesday, June 4 is Charles Button.

Charles Button is a recording artist, composer, and a producer/engineer. He has a long history in the music industry, known for his silky voice and original style. He has produced several successful artists and has recorded his own solo album in England.

   He is also an actor in the film "Oh God, You Devil" with George Burns.  He appeared in" Shannon's Deal" with Iggy Pop and Doobie Brother Skunk Baxter. He has also appeared on Dynasty, Mike Hammer, and T.J. Hooker.

   Charles has had his original music featured in films and on television. Charles Button is a performer known for his musical integrity. He is a proficient producer/arranger, singer, songwriter, and film composer.

His credits include work performed for Fries Films, Disney Cable, MTV, CBS, NBC, Fox TV, Playboy, the American Dairy Council, Sears, Mitsubishi, and a number of independent films.

   He performed at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, closing the show for the 2002 Native American Grammy Nominee Showcase. 

Wow, that about says it all...more to come. Don't miss Bluesday Tuesdays at the Northside B&G on Boyd Acres Rd in Bend...

Sharon & Bobby

Standing Up For The Blues - May 2, 2013

Hello again All You Believers & those yet coming to believe. It's a busy year for Bobby, The Blues, and music in general: Since last entry, Bobby has written more blues songs, added more gigs, and remains one of the hardest-working musicians in Central Oregon.

Ready for the first round of qualifying for the International Blues Challenge taking place at UNTAPPED BLUES & BREWS FESTIVAL in Kennewick WA., on May 10, Bobby is entering with his Breedlove Acoustic "Belle" as a solo act in the solo/duo category.

Two and three days prior,

May 7: Bobby and his "lil brudder" Mr. Derek Michael Marc will welcome as guests two members of the Merle Haggard band, drummer Jeff Ingraham and bassist Kevin Williams. Definitely world class players.

May 8: Bobby will celebrate his 60th birthday, his 50th year playing guitar, and Robert Johnsons birthday @ local bar & grill The Northside Bar & Grill in Bend, Oregon!

Newly added venues include Eagle Crest Resort and Pronghorn, both elite and gorgeous!

...and today, May 2, we wish a happy birthday to Bobbys late grandfather Victor Lindstrom, "Hefferdust" creator!

Change Is Good - April 14, 2013

Greetings everyone!

Bobby has been on a blazing pace gig-wise. That may ease up a bit ( ha ha ho ho ? )

We at Hefferdust Music want to acknowledge and thank Paulina & Mark of ECO BISTRO for welcoming all the musicians and friends and fans for the last couple months. ECO is closing its doors, and we are grateful for the great people we met & the music we transmitted! All the best to you!

Moving a little further on up the road:

The biggest news is Bobby has been accepted as a solo act in the solo/duo category to perform for The Qualifying First Round for the Jan 2014 INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE in Memphis, Tennessee being held at Kennewick Washington at THE UNTAPPED BLUES & BREWS FESTIVAL on May 10th 2013.

More at home in Central Oregon, Bookings continue to pile up through this year, the latest being Saturday mornings at the award winning west side eatery CHOW, Bobby also has shows coming at

Randy Oxford: "Bobby Lindstrom is one of the great entertainers of our time"

All you believers: We love you and thanks for your continued support!

Bobby & Sharon

Hefferdust Music

20th Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise - February 11, 2013

Greetings friends, fans, families and peers! Bobby has hit the ground running again. In the real world, the gigs never stop, and we hope you love music as much as we think you do! In January - the 20th Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise found Bobby & Sharon hanging out with the likes of Taj Mahal, Mavis Staples, Rod Piazza, and many more elite Blues people, refueling spirits and bringing it back to Central Oregon, sporting Rasta beads in hair braids for authenticity. This year is already shaping up to be a very good and busy one. Check the calendar page for dates! Love to all.

Happy Holidays All You Believers! - December 16, 2012

Greetings and cheer! 2012 has been a wonderful and exciting time for us, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your support! Over 200 gigs this past year make a statement for music and musician alike, and the path ahead keeps opening. We released 2 fine albums this year, "Between A Rock And A Blue Spot" and "Let It Fly"; And a total of 4 since 2010. The lastest version of The Bobby Lindstrom Band filmed/recorded at what was a fantastic homecoming for Bobby at Coos Bays Mingus Park, and there is a possibility a DVD could result in 2013.

The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise leaves Florida in January this year, and Bobby & Sharon will be on it, touring the Carribeean with one of Bobbys "Idols" - Taj Mahal. Back in central Oregon, i.e. Bend: Bobby will resume his sometimes grueling schedule, saying farewell to Taylors Sausage, the long time steady weekly open mic/acoustic jam on Wednesdays, and start off 2013 with a weekly acoustic show with his "lil brudder" Derek Michael Marc on Tuesdays at the popular venue The Northside Bar & Grill....also Kelly D's on some Thursdays, and Astro Lounge other Thursdays...Look for Bobby around Bend, he'll be carrying the torch still...... God Bless!

p.s. December 28 @ Kelly D's - check calendar page for updates!

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