Back in California when I was an old black man, me & Donna King required only a 20 minute warning to get the Mercury packed and out the door - when Rock N Roll was the M.O. Were those the days, or are these? One of the issues with those darned humans, is they usually think ONLY in right or wrong; Black or white; Either/or.... Try thinking "both/and" ..... cuz thats where the truth most often waits! 

As you may have noticed, the previously mentioned tour has not yet begun. Good things take time, and as Phil Banry once enlightened for us: "We got time we haven't even USED yet". What goes on behind the scenes of this website is not always clearly visible to the naked eye, believe me. Or don't, cuz you always have a choice. I will tell you something, though. Ask yourself: "what would Stu do?" That answer is what a lot of our choices are based on. Check out the calendar, and maybe some of these gibberishisms actually make a little sense. Knowing that true enlightenment requires one to be out of ones mind, and recognizing that we don't really know this road - we could be on the right one this time. 

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Java Jones yesterday, and especially those who offered their spirits to B.B. Bardots benefit at Lord Bennets in Bandon last night. It was truly a bittersweet honor to be a part of that gathering. We love you Bryce!

More coming soon, and gaining momentum, folks!



OK! It's almost 9 'oclock saturday night and I'm throwin' my acoustic in the van. Got my Silverhawk shirt on - and makin' a bee-line to Rogers to hear Sam Densmore & Rob Allison & maybe jam. Haven't seen Sam for years. This should be really good.

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