If I hadn't found the flashlight and crescent wrench on my desk this morning at 9, I might have thought it was a bad dream. Brenda shook me, I pulled an earplug out and heard "There's cops pounding on the door! Shining lights into the house, and I think there's an alarm going off on your bus!" Sure enough, as I fumbled into my clothes and went outside in the rain, there WAS cops! And the sickest-sounding alarm coming from under the bus. Folks, I tell ya, I can't see much under these conditions. Something had set the howling off, and these 3-4 policemen watched as I crawled around flipping switches and the howling continued, until they wished me good luck, took their flashlight and left. I stood there for a minute and the howling continued...back to the house, got another flashlight, went back to the bus, closer to the awful wail, underneath, rain, steel, then a little horn! I ripped the wire out, back to the house, stripped my wet clothes off, crawled back in bed, and THAT was the latest episode in my "try-to-surprise-me-now" life. Will write more after the CD Release gig tonight. -------> Rock-n-Roll. smile..... Namaste' BL

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