And that should get us THERE from HERE. I'm sitting here in an anonymous motel room rebuilding our website and I think I see something shiny...looks like a can hear the sound! There's some BAD Honky-Tonkers really layin' it down! We've heard it all for years, so start spreadin' the news! We got room on the floor, so come on baby shake somethin' LOOSE! It's Bluesday! See you at Joe's Honky Tonk! And now for the rest of the story: My plans for going north thursday got trumped by my new plans for heading south. Good thing I got a lot of practice at this stuff. They don't call me Mr. Picnic for nothing! Some "big-time" promoters are crying for some promo and the path of least resistance will lead me back to California for some designing, manufacturing, assemblage and re-programming of my former main office equpiment. It's so beautiful up there. I'll keep you all posted along the way. Finally, be sure and check out the music page and hear some of our new tracks. More will be revealed soon. Gotta get to Joe's! Namaste' BL

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