Just had to check in with you all - I am enjoying the rest between the notes in gorgeous Oregon weather, right here in Murray, and glad to be. This is the first time I have been able to not worry for quite awhile, and I know it wont last long, cuz that derned clock just keeps goin' round. Gotta pay the rent, just like you. This last week or so was kinda weird around here, and it seems around the world, too. Wanda's caught fire; a Full Moon Taxi was totalled by a hit-n-run driver - one of three hit-n-runs in that hour, *they got him in jail and nobody was hurt*; The crane at the Mill Casino tipped over; Lots more stuff I heard, too....ok..lets keep it together now... I just wanna say thanks to everyone who showed up and was part of the music and great feelings at Roger's Zoo last saturday night. Bigfoot kicked ass. Elkhorn kicked ass. Garse's mom & brother, Larry, thanks, Doug, Danny, Fred, Dave, Yorgi, Cooper, Roy, Garse, Nancy, Tina, Marty, Marji & family, LUKE! JASON! wooo!! Virgil & crew, Dot from Maine, so many good souls....I will not be able to get them all remembered here....Tammy, umm..Deano, Loretta & Tom....Shawna...Linda...Sean & Andy, Pam...love you Jerry! Anyway, it was just a really good time...oh Patty!! See you at McKays.... I will have to wait for pix a little longer, I think, cuz Nancy is at the Roadyfest in Florence.... Love to you all. Namaste' BL

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