Hello peeps! Well, another 600+ miles and I'm back in Coos Bay. Got in yesterday and went over to The Autumn House & cavorted with the band: Garse, John Chamberlain, Byran Brian and Bob Alexander, along with Toni, Pam and Amy and some ghosts and goblins. Didn't see the Mummy Chicken yet, though. Do you think he will come out this year? Maybe at the Homestead?? Be wary! Anyway, hope to see you tonight @ Rick & Barbs Homestead Bar & Grill. Lets make that old wooden dance floor bounce!

Oh, I gotta let you know that "Charlie Freak" knocked 'em dead at the Casino in Florence the other night. Ya might wanna check out their Myspace page... Good job guys!

Now, as far as the new Bobby Lindstrom & Elkhorn CD: It will be a couple more weeks before release. Our promo stuff wound up in California, so I did a "180" and instead of heading north to Portland Recording Sudio, I had to go the other way and pick up parts of our manufacturing gear. Gotta get the promo ahead of the band, right? So, now I'll just hang here for a couple weeks and rock! Then with the help of my ever-loving brodder Yorgy, I'll get after finishing the CD. Thanks to A.J. for taking care of things, and Happy Birthday tomorrow to A.J.!

Like my good friend Joe McCarthy has been known to say: "It's a beautiful day for jacking up the super-structure of a small ship" and indeed it is.



p.s. I'll get some more new song clips up soon I HOPE!


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