Good morning everyone, and good morning my chilly friends in the colder places. Be careful if you are outside, and keep your lil patooties warm! I can only imagine what it's like in Hanna, Wyoming. Are you reading this, Mike?

    You might wonder what my nephew and Tom Waites have in common: It's both their birthdays! Happy birthday to you both. Alden and Amber are expecting a baby very soon, and I wish the very best to you three. There will be a brand new Elkhorn Express CD waiting for you at the TNT market, and one for Bitt, too. Hope you enjoy it. Jami, Mike and Janet: Yours will be in the mail today.

     Another note: I see there is an option for a blog page on this site, so if I get time and the digital spirits are with me, I'll see if I can get it up and running. *another episode of Fred Flintstone, Starship Captain?  

p.s. The Bikes For Tykes benefit @ The Green Spot was a big success, thank you to all involved, and thanks to Rock N Roll Roy Gorman, Dave Ford, Anthony & John Chambers for sitting in with us, and John Chamberlin & Brian Bryan: Good job, guys. It was nothing but fun. Also, hello to Sami, Toni, Tiana & Mark! We love you all. 



P.S.S. Happy birthday to Pam Bate!! 

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