Hello everyone! Thanks for dropping by. I'm sitting in the crowsnest, feeling very honored. I was just joined by Mistah Soopah Fantaassic (Dave Ford) and Mr. Freaky Charlie? (Michael Carrillo) for our musical contribution to the benefit for the late great Bob Alexanders family at the Green Spot in Coos Bay, Oregon. All the musicians and bands were cookin' today! If I try to name them all, I will most likely forget someone, but here goes: Stone Soup, Phoenix, Charlie Freak, Hot Wax, Wildhorse Theater, The Hot Tamales and I know there were more...Pancho was there, Jack Costa, Johnny Chambers, Vinnie, Phil Banry,....sheesh...I will just say the spirit of this little economically troubled coastal town was soaring. We missed Bob Alexander, and his son Bobby at the gig, but I have faith their souls were in attendance. Thanks to everyone who helped. The party will continue tonight at Joe's Honky Tonk.....Contribute what you can - please and thank you! 

Another very special honor was mine today, and that was Mark Kralicek brought his daughters to the benefit, and I am proud to post reviews from Sami, Toni and Teona. They're on the photo page. Thanks ever so much all of you!



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