Good morning all you sunshines....and same to you cloudy folks, too! We had a great time at Joe's last night. You can tell it's only Rock N Roll by the pizza at 2:30 am, and you KNOW where Rock N Roll came from. Let's us rockers all try to remember we are standing on the shoulders of the great bluesmen and blueswomen. Hoochie Koochie Koo! 

I want to ask you all another favor: Send your positive energy to Shawna (Owen) & Garse today. She had another treatment in Eugene today at 9am. Thanks, and while you are at it lets do the same for Tony Callandrino, Fred Girt, Brian Smith and anyone else you can think of that needs some prayers and support.

Got some new pics up from VOLIFONIX at the Blue Moon this last weekend....What fun that was....Thanks, Tomo & company! *crazy videos on my facebook and youtube pages... click the links on HOMEPAGE



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