Hey gang! Me and John and Charlie just pulled in from our weekend...it was FINE. Instead of "sleep-writing", I'll take just a little cat-nap before I get to putting up pics and stuff....tonight...Namaste' BL OH-KAY...It's night now....wow, doesn't time fly by when you're on the internet??? Got a bunch of new pix up for ya. The band's fed and rested. I talked to T-Bone tonight and we get our schedule for Street Vibrations tomorrow...will let you know as soon as we know. What a weekend we had! The people: (Oh, yeah, babe!); service: (Thank you VERY much!); food: (M-M-M-M-M!!!); and entire atmosphere in general were simply great. Each night got better and better. We were graced by some very talented local players, too. Jamming was GOOD! This included a very special guest, my cousin Ron Hodge, who I don't get to see that often, and had never jammed with him. He flat-out knows his way around a keyboard! Larry's BLUZ AT THE BEND crew were ALL very good at their jobs, and it was a pleasure meeting them all. Dave, Bryanna, Lorie, Lenora...am I getting these names right? LOTS of new friends...and negotiations for a return will proceed tomorrow. I am just SO proud of our band. We have come a long ways in a short time, and have only begun. A brief description of the feeling this last weekend: The whole darned place was 3 feet off the ground! Thanks for sharing our musical HIGH, Spokane! Let's do it again, k? Love to you all! Bobby, Garse, Cooper, Charlie & John

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