Hi gang - Weather permitting I will be doing my debut in Bend on the patio at 10 Barrel Brew Pub. That's the good news. We found out a few days ago that Street Vibrations in Reno will not be on our schedule this year, I hear they are almost exclusively booking only local bands. Dem Ol' Elks will look forward. We will be playing Good Vibrations next year in Salem. 



Sharon won (Clear 101.7) tickets to see Heart at Alton Baker Park in Eugene tuesday night! I am thinking we might have to leave Bruce either at home or in the van, but that butterflies will be allowed......Now, there's a jam at the Black Forest that night......so I called Mr. Paul Biondi and Mr. T-bone Stone and they are meeting me there. Skip Jones is the host. YES! This will be very good. I love it.

p.s. T-bone is playing at a concert somewhere in Astoria this weekend..... if you're in the area, check it out.

p.s.s. I heard something about T-bone being on a  record that is getting nominated for a Grammy!?!! I will refrain from cheering at the top of my lungs until I can confirm it......

p.s.s.s. Skeet is opening for our beloved Charlie Freak @ Rogers Zoo tonight in North Bend, and he will also be there saturday! My BRODDERS: You ROCK!

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