Hey gang! Hope you are all OK. One thing I learned one the road is how underestimated that term really is. If you are OK, that's SUPERFANTASTIC! I was sitting here sorta blue-ish (Josh) and got a message left last night from guess who. Tammy from Snuffy's in Hutto, Texas! Yep, she loves us. They love us, and we love them. Tammy, Perry, John, Arthur, on and on...ALL the people from Texas who soooo lovingly adopted us in 2007. Tammy's having a birthday (50!) in two years, and the ONLY band she wants is The Bobby Lindstrom Band (Los Crazios Hombres), so Coop, Garse - Plan on it. We sure can't refuse an offer like that can we? Thanks, Tammy. That message made me feel so OK. Namaste' BL

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