Hello Y'all - Ha! Thats for our loved ones in Texas. Hope you're staying out of the wind & rain. Segway to New Orleans. Cecilia's hubby's a helicopter pilot and still down there somewhere, which has put some things on hold here. Like Mr. Marley says: POSITIVE VIBRATION. Also keep that good stuff goin' out towards Shawna, B.B., Tina, Nubs, Maragrette, Paul, and whoever else I have fogotten at this early hour. I talked to Dave Ford yesterday and he's goin' to Texas to record with Dale Innskeep in November; I'm on standby for a solo gig at Zack's (formerly Tadds); Elkhorn will be playing somewhere on the 20th; Nancy's got a song list started for the new Next Exit Band; John Ambrosini and John Pundt's plans are not known to me at this time. There are a couple new venues in Coos Bay, one's Colette's, one's behind Coos Bay Toyota, can't remember the name...um...Penny Brown and Mizz Bubbaloo are going to get a new home, as Sally's movin'. (Hope it's not too far away). Full Moon Taxi's running, and I'm gettin' ready to start to commence to begin to...yep. OH...Garse & Shawna are in Coquille. I guess you knew that. Time to get busy living. Namaste' BL Was it a year ago me and Juice and Murray left Taylor? wow...

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