Awright, day 3 of the cruise was the only time we got off the ship during the 7 day trip. That will tell you something. The ship was fun. Lots of fun. Sharon and I caught a bus from Cabo north to Todos Santos, the home of the real Hotel California. Our tour guide named Daniel knew a lot about where we were, how life is there, and things that make their beautiful country what it is. He told of former days when Don Henley was in the area. Also about how California was split into upper and lower sections, their religions, cultures etc. When we arrived in Todos Santos, The Hotel California was where the bus parked. Upon entering, the feeling there was indeed magical, the food was very real and the people are happy to be right where they are. Most of the roads and streets are dirt, and Daniel led us on foot around town. The Mission mentioned in the Eagles song was just up the hill from the hotel, and after some local info, we were allowed to go in and look around. The doors are over 300 years old. I stopped and touched them, Sharon taking pics all over... Again, the feeling of being in that particular location entranced me, and I felt the urge to touch or tap things like the pews, the shrines, the built in antique lock boxes, etc. Carefully. I sat in a velvet padded seat in front of what looked like the place people get baptised. Many of the folks were surprised but I had to explore as much as I could. I might never get another chance in this life, right? Soooo....I went to the stage area and sat in another velvet padded seat, the preachers, I suppose. Next to that seat was a big shiny brass bell and a rope within my reach. hmmmmm..... I heard someone say.....

Later, back at the ship - We bumped right into Commander Cody. I told him my band has been playing some of his songs for years and he said thank you. I said thank you, and Ansel, I mean Sharon got a pic of me with him. Cool. Then Steve Willis, Elvins keyboardist was hosting the jam at the Crows Nest and I got to jam with him and some other really good players. Later still at the dinner table, we sat with Scrap Iron and told him of our day. He said Dam, you ain't supposed to ring that bell! You gonna get struck down by lightinin! I explained that I was not of any particular religion, but a curious child of God. He accepted that. Before we left for our room, I uncased my guitar and showed it. Scrap Iron, who was Little Miltons road manager for 31 years asked what her name was. I said she doesn't have one yet. He said Can I name her? I said go ahead. He says "Bessie". "Bessie Mae". He informed us that was Little Miltons guitars name. Wow what an honor. Even though he didn't show it, I think he was a little emotional, too, and as he walked away he leaned over and told me it was his honor.....Is that cool or what.....

Thanks for letting me share. G'night.


Bobby Lindstrom & Bessie Mae

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