Greetings to all my friends and fans! Especially the new ones from the trip to Mexico and back. Bill Jansen's was our first stop the night of the 16th, and I want to thank him for his hospitality and always being there for me, good times and bad. And while I'm at it, thanks for picking our exhausted butts up from PDX last sunday night and putting us up again. We met some good people between our nodding off - on the plane flight to San Diego, too: Jake, Jace and mom and sister, hope to see you again. We arrived and caught a shuttle to the boat and started off making friends in the line as we got on. Tommy - Hey! David and Carmen - Hey! 

When we got our baggage put in our 1st Deck room, we ventured up towards the activities, the voice of XM / Sirius Radio, Big LLou was the first person to greet us and his welcome was as big as he is. Llou, thank you again for sharing such great vibes. You got 'em, bud.

Before I continue which will take a few days, I must send huge thanks to the man who got us on this wonderful trip, Mr. Randy Oxford. Trombonist, entertainer, and one of my favorite people. Randy, you SO rock! Thank you a million times. Like you said, this trip changes your life. 

Now, folks I am hittin' the hay and will write more tomorrow. By the way, ELKHORN will be playing in Sisters, Oregon friday night @ 9pm to 12am, and in Charleston on Halloween at 7:30 pm at a haunted house behind Davy Jones Locker. CALLING ALL ELKS!



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