Hello everyone! My brodder and long time drummer for Elkhorn, Michael Carrillo is on his way to Bend as I type. Yeah, a day early, so we will undoubtedly be at the Northside Jam tonight. Also, Bill Jansen will be joining us on friday @ SCOOTS in Sisters for our first public gig in Bend since the eighties! Downbeat is 9pm for the full band, but Mike and me will be doing a semi acoustic set during happy hour around 5pm - 6pm. The crowd should be warmed up for us, happy hour starts at 3. I have so much Blues Cruise energy stored up inside me I just can't wait to ROCK Scoots! 

Now, back to my ramblings on the cruise: For the record, I am telling this story from memory, and if I miss some folks or get names wrong, forgive me. There were over 600 crew members and somewhere around 1600 cruisers! OK, the first day we watched one of the best guitarists around, Larry McCray and his great band as the ship left the harbor. I had to take a nap, then we checked out Edgar Winter rehearsing in the Crows Nest, up close and personal. 

The second day, which is already a blur in my mind until I check Sharons notes, Randy Oxford hosted the Crows Nest Jam and it was !!%$**&^$%%!!!!! YEAH! I got to jam with Jim McGloughlin, world champion harmonica player, Ron (Dr. John fame) killer trumpet man, Mark Early, Roomful of Blues sax man....holy moly....I may need to study my notes from the trip in order to sort all this out....the phone is ringing....talk to you later... love you all



oh - p.s. Elkhorn is playing in Charleston sunday night starting at 7:30pm. A possibly haunted house across from the church behind Davy Jones Locker.... Calling all Elks!!!  HooooooOOOOOOOOooooo!!!

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