I gotta mention my good friend Joe McCarthy. He's stoked. Last sunday night, DK Stewart and company, the band Joe plays with regularly, who are no slouches themselves, were graced with some really cool guests at the Crystal Ballroom, in Portland. Lloyd Jones. Curtis Salgado. Joe Torres, (Joe Cockers' conga player @ Woodstock). Not sure who all else was there, but I'm thinking that was plenty. Here's a cheer for Joe McCarthy, and his continued success. You deserve this, my friend. Ready for the blues? I hope so, because they are always ready for you. I'm sitting back in my hideout in Coos Bay, ready for tonight's BLUESDAY NIGHT JAM at Joe's Honky Tonk. Hope to see you there! Now, as far as the new CD goes, I will be getting the artwork and etceteras prepared, and it won't be long, folks. Let's RAWK! p.s. Just added another gig on calendar: The Green Spot December 5! Namaste' BL

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