Hey Y'all! (that means all of you) I worked out my bass guitar muscles last night, with Garse and Rick and Skeeter and Darren, (the residentially marginalized guy from Chicago); Also graced by an appearance from Ol What's Her Name, and got some good jammin' goin....Due to Angry Eddy's trip to Las Vegas with his kid, Rick hired me to play bass again tonight, this saturday night, next tuesday, and maybe wednesday, too. NOW...that brings up the distinct possibility that: psssssst! [Elkhorn] could be present and rockin' @ Joe's Honky Tonk this saturday night....ssshhhhh! Don't tell anyone! I also want to take this opportunity to thank Anita (I should have put you in the somewhere to rest my pointed little head entry) and the entire Sisneros clan for being part of my life, I haven't heard from you all for awhile, so I hope you're well and having a good holiday season. I'll come clean on this: Some folks remember everything, except to include their email address..haha!! Namaste' BL PEE. ESS. Don't forget ELKHORN EXPRESS WILL BE ROCKIN' AT THE HOMESTEAD BAR AND GRILL NEW YEARS EVE!!

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