Hello everyone! I happen to be one of God's very grateful children right now, and although my gratitude list isn't quite as long as Santa's gift list, it's only cuz I don't know as many folks as he does, (I'm guessing). So, I better get started: First off, some folks I haven't mentioned without whom I may have not had a place to lay my pointed little head: AJ Osborne, Shirley Aguirre, Penny Oss, Bill Jansen, Sharon Jensen, John Dooley, Merle Moody, Sam Clausen, Joe McCarthy, Mike & Chrissy Gross, Mike & Geri Dooley, Alvin Berryhill, Lisa Peck, Bret Hilsabeck, Nancy McIntosh & Rick, Rick Hensyel, and come to think of it, Bill Leslie. I also want to thank the folks who keep signing the guest book here. Hearing from all kinds of good people really makes me me. Jami, Shawna, Garse, Dave & Molly, Rick & angry Ed, Sam Smith, Skeeter, Android, more and more souls.....I just can't name them all here now.....thanks for the positive energy, Sally Brown, Rachell and the rest of the family: I love you all, you know it. The spirit lives, and sometimes my mustard seed seems so tiny, I want you to know you keep me connected to what's really important: Love. Friends. Family. Music. Sharing. Giving. Allowing your gramma to give you money if it makes her feels better! Buying the homeless guitar player food and cigs... Merry Christmas! For now.... Namaste' BL

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