All right - Hows everybody doin? Right now there is so much going on, I probably can't tell ya everything. It's my belly-button birthday and I am 57 years old. Wow, how did that happen? It's a semi-long story for later. The reason I call it my belly-button is that I also have a birthday Sept. 26 celebrating the day I stopped using drugs and alcohol. 1995. Gonna be 15 years old this year. Better number? That depends on your perpective. ANYWAY....

Had a good time at Java Jones again yesterday, and posted some pics for you. (My ISP changed in the middle of the muddle, so it took a long time) Today I am doing what I want for the most part, with some very special friends and going up to Lakeside to cheer for my brodder Sven and the Charlie Freak guys at the Crawdaddy Festival. Gonna eat somma them lil suckers, too. Then if I'm thinking right, Kelly Tibideaux & company are on after C.F. Now's THERE'S some crawdaddy-eatin' music! Tomorrow Elkhorn will be kicking ass at that same aforementioned spot. 1pm to 4pm. We'll have some great players and good friends joining us. T-bone. Dave Ford. Stevie Ray Mays. Spike Vaughn. yeah!

Part of my spirit is actually in Port Orford today for the memorial for Mr. Bob Alexander. Peace and comfort to the family and loved ones.

I gotta get away from this laptop or risk being pulled inside permanently!!???



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