Hi folks! If I had been built with a governor, I bet things would be different. Due to circumstances, I've played music eight different times in a week. Kind of amazing considering I only had two gigs booked, but all in good fun! There were some rare moments, all unduplicatable. Such is life. Joe's Honky Tonk; Macs @ the Veterans Building and Diablos in Eugene, Java Jones, The Blue Moon, and two rehearsals with Dem Ol' Elks at Joe's Honky Tonk yesterday and today. I just want to thank all the people who made this week a great time for me. Obviously, there are too many details to document, but one thing I will tell you: Music is alive and well and thriving. I'll get a few pics up, truth is I didn't get anywhere near as many as I would like to have gotten. However, you can go to my facebook and youtube pages and see more. Links are on homepage. God bless you all. Namaste'


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