Hey gang! First off, thanks for your prayers & energy for those in need, specifically for Mike Worthen (The Unknown Blondes' Husband), and keep 'em going UP for Brian Smith, Bob Laird and Shawna, k? Thanks!

     Now, in a few days, the new CD will be available on CD Baby. We will have a direct link you can click to get there. You'll be able to buy the whole CD, cover art and all, download the complete CD, or individual songs AND write reviews! We hope you participate as much as you can. It's YOU who make the music possible. The fans and friends are the fuel, the life.

     I also want to mention what a ball I had @ Joe's Honky Tonk Jam on Sunday night. I was priveleged to do a set with the great BIGFOOT BLUES BAND. Who else do you know that does songs by Little Feat AND the Bee Gees? Ha! (pre-disco, that is) Rick & Angry Eddy & Dave Andrist were hot, too, and there were alot of jammers. Hope to see you tonight @ Joe's Honky Tonk. 9pm downbeat.

       My internet connection has been spotty, so I'm glad to be on right now. There are many cool things happening behind the scenes. For one, Mz. Dee and I were talking about joining forces for some touring dates. Whatcha think about that? You want Blues/Rock? Yeah? Anyway, this year we're going to see more of this amazing country and of course will be sharing it with you! Don't turn your back for long. Peace. Music. Love.

Namaste' BL

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