I tried to come up with words that express how I feel about what's going on now, but there are too many feelings arising, so I will just say it. We are selling the house. It's not what we planned, not what we hoped for, prayed for and not what we wanted. It is, however the best course of action to follow at this point as far as we can see. All I can say is it must be part of God's plan. Brenda Bate is an angel. Her kids are angels. We, together have faced a lot of trials and troubles this last couple of years and we are facing this too. Armed with the truth and enough faith to make it, the clear and present changes directly in the path ahead we embrace, and we embrace with Love. We use our best resources, our best judgements and proceed to the best of our abilities from right here and right now. I will more than likely be writing a bit about this as the days unfold. Like Paul McCartney said: "I can handle it if you can". I just needed to share this with all of you today, so if I start mumbling and not making a lot of perfect sense, you might have a clue to one excuse why. Some of you don't wonder at all and have heard me babbling for years, and totally understand. HA! Any comments will be either appreciated greatly, or dealt with in the best way I know how. This is a good time to thank everyone for just being themselves and enriching my life even if I didn't like it. Love to you all. Namaste' BL

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