OK, gang - First off, we want to thank all our die-hard fans for believing in us, you know I make only ONE promise: "Everything's gonna be alright"! Briefly, we are now a 3-piece, so let's CRANK UP that old Les Paul a notch, shall we? God Bless you, C.W. Schwartz. We wish only the best for you. By the way, how's Kansas? Missouri? Keep in touch, wherever you are - we love ya! (How's that for a short story?) Next, I've been working for days on Murray, outside, in the ever-present wind of Rawlins in God-Knows how cold. It's seems he doesn't get along with 5 below zero too well...but like Mike from Gold Coast Trucking in Coos Bay says: "You're bonding with your bus". No kidding. Oh, someone asked me how "Juice" the cat is doing...well..he's fine I guess. He's been under the floor and on top of the holding tank for a night and two days...He musta thought I was going to take him somewhere he didn't like and bolted...He'll be back. Dooley's in Naches picking up the rest of our belongings and finishing the house deal. (in the snow).... The show will go on this weekend, regardless. You know us. Right now, Lisa, your offer is sounding pretty darned good. Let's talk about Austin, K? Nice to see y'all giggling. It's always good to make people smile...(wink) Namaste' BL P.S. Happy Birthday, Alden! Happy Birthday, Pam!

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