I found a good book in the attic yesterday: "Practicing The Power Of Now" Perfect timing. In my current situation, which ordinarily would spell financial disaster, and from which I have been emotionally spared from the pain of, this book seems to be a sort of enlightened encouragement for me personally. I don't see any future in worrying anyway, and my perspective is backed up at every turn. The pre-foreclosure action has been bumped a week...time to sell some more CDs and my 1994 Taurus, keep the hounds at bay, and enjoy meeting up with some old friends like Lex Johnson. The bus is running like a 17-jewel Elgin and there's food in the family's tummies. Man, is Life Great or what? God Bless you all, and Namaste' BL p.s. God, please surround in the White Light of the Holy Spirit the victims and especially the surviors & families of the earthquake in Pakistan, and all the people of the world who suffer.

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