Hey Yooo Alllll.... Just talked with Mz.Dee & she got the HC&B discs and maybe it'll get some airplay in Oakland & the S.F. Bay area! Won't that be somethin! Got some "way to rock!" texts from Randy O. (wherever he is) so, we'll hopefully get some official reviews soon.... This next friday, I'll be up in Seattle, maybe with Yorgy & Sven, to see Studebaker John's show at the Hwy99 club, then saturday the 16th back to Coos Bay for the big 50 year birthday gig for some friends of ours. Then the end of this month, back in Seattle to hook up with Mz.Dee, and check out Lee Oscars show friday, the 29th; and Robby Laws' show the 30th. *I met Robby at Portland Recording Studios, come to find out he's friends with Dee. Connect the dots. Can't wait to hear her sing again. It's been too long. AALLSSOO.....psssssst! can ya keep a secret? naw, I can't either: Mz.Dee is giggin' with Etta James' guitarist Bobby Murray this weekend down in the S.F. area somewhere...very cool...very cool...In the meantime, back in Ohio...... Mr. Dooley is keeping just above freezing, and working his ol' magic again. You folks are in for some treats this year. I'm just sure of it. Talk again soon, ok? Namaste' BL p.s. Hey Garse did ya get there from here?

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