Yeah, babe! Dem old elks are a sittin' at Yorgis near midnight on saturday after a FULL days trackin' @ Rex Johnston's Portland Recording Studio. Yesterday at the last minute group conscience led us there. What a pleasure! Right now, I gotta admit I'm most every kind of tired, and I'm gonna act accordingly. Garse laid 8 great drum tracks today, which put our project dead on schedule. Check this out, though: A pair of Ringo Starr's drumsticks from the Beatles Seattle perfomance hangs preciously on Rex's wall inside a glass-covered picture of the fab four. Is that cool? HMMMM??? I just wanted to hold them for a minute....BUT I took a pic or two and will show you as soon as I get to it, AND Yorgi's camera has a video of us at the Harley gig that looks darned good. Coming soon. Folks, thanks for checkin' in with us. We love you. It's time for the sandman to do his stuff.....Talk soon. Tomorrow will be a day off recording, then more on monday. Namaste' Yorgi, Sven, Oly

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