Awright, this road is a dern good one so far. Luke Carrillo decided Elkhorn was the band for this deal. Folks, this was a perfect day and night. I'm thinkin' the dance floor sunk into the ground a couple inches during the festivities. What a great group of people! The wedding and party found Cooper Spur Resort chuck full of Coos Bay peeps, Marshfield graduates mostly. Yorgis' camera batteries gave out, so these pics (Photo Page) are chumming more from all of you who were snapping and filming, k? Email yours to The Elkhorn Band wishes the very best to the newlyweds, and much thanks to everyone involved...killer gig. I'm sittin' at Bill Jansens computer, monday morning, Garse and me headed back to Coos Bay today. Last night (sunday) We did a set at The Trails End Saloon and it was HOT more ways than one. P.S. I'm also putting up some pics from few months ago at The Green Spot.

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