Awright, if anybody knows the whereabouts of Mr. Joe Pepper, I would like to know. I heard he is OK and staying with friends, so let's send up some prayers for him ok? Thanks.

I woke up this morning and everything felt just right.....Like somebody fueled up my soul in my sleep last night....Me & my acoustic sang for almost 6 hours in Coos Bay today and had a great time...Tips in the bucket, ribs on the BBQ, (Thanks, Steve, Sue & Randy) I was sellin' CDs like hotcakes...well, warmcakes anyway...I know you folks like to see pictures, but there I sat, camera in pocket and never took one. Something about the timing of being a singing minstrel, spreading goodwill and all that, then trying to document it all just doesnt jive with the rest of the, you can just take my word for it. Or not. It was a fine sunny day, not too hot. Best weather in the country I tell ya! John Gretzinger and Alexius Harris were covering the other two corners of the place, and its always great to have those kinda folks around if you ask me.

Gonna take a lil break and then load up a pole-carport into the RV from the van, pick up my Les Paul from Vinnie tonight (new nut) wait for a call from Frasers to see if we're playing there the 30-31 of July, get up tomorrow & pack some clothes and food and head to the Jensen Ranch East party a day early...I'm sure there will be lots of pics taken there. Dem 'ol Elks are gonna be rockin you know it.

Hope y'all are enjoying yersefs!



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