Mister Carrillo and "El Cajon" were rockin! Not to mention John Salizar AND Bob the Dog, AND Bret Hilsabeck! Woah! *John and Bobs' face to face mutual howling earned us what very well could be the first complaint ever for being too loud armed only with acoustic instruments. But what a kick! ALMOST everyone loved it. Our elk feathers remain unruffled, and I want to thank all the vendors for being such sweethearts, and all our friends and fans who received their very own Elkhorn Express CDs. Gary Prow, Ramesh, the ladies from Unity By The Bay, Java Jones, Sharon (again) from "Threads That Bind"...Cindy Miller...lets do it again sometime, k? Namaste' BL p.s. Oh, check out the pic of me that Joe sent. Kool. Thanks Joe!

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