Greetings Earthlings! The music business just keeps rollin': My #1 angel signed me up for the Central Oregon Songwriting Association on the 7th, and two days later "The Long Way" won song of the month for December 2010. This qualifies it for the song of the year, which will be awarded in April. 

The first cut of Yancy Faulkners video (with Scott Wyatts audio) of the aforementioned song, up on face book and You Tube, has had over 200 views the first two days. 

This week will be studio work, rehearsal (w/Scott Wyatt & at least two of the River Pigs); Bessie Mae will be getting a check-up;

This friday and saturday we're rockin' The Northside Bar & Grill. 

Hope to see you around. Thanks for the support. Namaste' BL

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