From the world of Arbe's RV Park, if my cats could have joined me in the music - via my little plumbing job - to another freedom - the perfect escape vehicle for the night - music.... [Phil (dancing!) and Sam & the rest of the Clausens; Greg & Polly; Bob; Nancy (the bar manager) Ann; Anthony; Molly; Bonnie; Don; So many good old friends! Thanks to the band for letting me sit in: DK Stewart; Peter Damman; Don Campbell; Corey Burden (subbing for Carlton Jackson); Special thanks to Joe McCarthy.] - then they probably wouldnt be so impatient waiting for monday when I can get their flea medicine, and it's against the rules to let them out of the bus.... I wouldnt have to try to explain to them WHY I have to leave and they get no relief yet. Thank God for the music. Namaste' BL P.S. If you get the chance, GO SEE THESE GUYS

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