Hey Y'all....(wink) I said SON, look at me when I'm a-talkin' to ya boy! That was a joke! *Foghorn Leghorn Last weekend @ Wanda's was very interesting....Just ask Bill Jansen or Sam Clausen, they'll tell ya. The thing I liked about it was the music. If we had been at Snuffy's, Arthur would've tipped us at least a hundred or so. Hey, while I'm yakkin...How about some of you Texans from Snuffy's bless us with some utterances...we still love y'all! I've been watching the Eric Clapton "Sessions For Robert J." DVD...ohhhh yeaaahhh!! Guess who's playin' slide for him? Doyle. Yep that little 17-year old shit with the blue spiked hair. Sounds really good, too. And, even tho' he's never played with Elkhorn, don't take that away from him, he's still young. Well, somewhere around 37 or 38 now I guess....I wonder if Stu were still alive...would take Doyle's guitar away from him and give it to me....hmmmm...have to think about that one some... Anyway, Wanda's again this weekend for those local faithfuls...a little something different...come check it out... Namaste' BL

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