Hey gang - I'm not going to explain the headline. Those of you who know, already know, and those of you who don't will be just fine. The only thing I ever promise is what Jeanne Carpriola uses for her motto: "Everything's Gonna Be Alright", but I will tell you there are things going on that are looking up and hooking up and booking up and cooking up something like Emeril in the kitchen. Hey, that might be a good name for....for....NAW!!! Let's stick with "Hungry, Cold And Blue"....ok we will. I do want to thank a few more peeps while I'm here. Rex Johnston (Portland Recording Studio); Randy Oxford (Google him and see what I'm talking about); Studebaker John (same); Orange Jefferson; Steve Coates; Sharon Jensen; Errick Lewis; Dennis, Tony, Ginger and Allen, John & Trish, Penny & Penny & Donna King. Love you all. 



p.s. You know I would tell you more if I could, don't ya? 

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