Back home in the Crows Nest-East, rested and ready for this new day. Last weekend was another guided whirlwind shoulder-rubbing, butt-bumping, moon-howling trip in Portland. The DK Stewart Band was, as expected, kickin' it up friday night at Duff's garage. What can I say? It seems to require the best of elements working together before I can really dance - and they evidently were, cuz me and my baby were shakin' it UP - and the only mind-altering substance involved was music. Really good music. Met and/or re-met some good to know peeps from the biz: Chris, Don, Peter and Cory from the band; David & Jane from KMHD Radio (FM 89.1); Betsy McBride: ala Albert Powers (wow - homies unite!)....afterwards my good friend Joe McCarthy [Trumpet player extraordinairest for DK Stewart]  took us to breakfast at the Hotcake House to honor the late Drugless Douglas Stephens. Talk about step into the Light.... Couldn't ask for more. Saturday found ourselves amid thousands of recovering brothers and sisters at Unity In The Streets @ Columbia Park, an NA event with more great music, food and recovery filling the place....Thanks Will. Then saturday night my brodder Troy and I attended a very cool house party in the southeast (Karylee's) with Franco Paletta & The Stingers set up in the back yard. There's something about walking down the street in some neighborhood you don't know and hearing LIVE BLUES floating around that turns me into a little kid again. Wound up playing for a couple hours at the campfire, after the electric music ended. More good connections with folks there....Details of progress will come I am sure...

.......gigs coming up in September include The Hitchin' Post in Salem/Keizer; Bill Leslie's Lone Pine Ranch Party; The Coos Bay Funfest; Grand opening of The Pizza Coop in Coos Bay; Street Vibrations in Reno;

More as it comes. Hopefully more pics, too. Have the best day of your life. Now.


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