Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and the rest of you, too! There's good things a-goin' on 'round here. Just for the record, I'll give you a brief (or maybe not so brief) synopsis of the changes and forward motion we are experiencing. When I say "we" I'm referring to myself of course, and also the wonderful friends and fans that have been stepping up in response to our musics' recent calls for help and mutual honoration. Collectively these folks' contributions have some things in common either spiritually, emotionally, financially and/or through simple loving hospitality, and there are more than I can mention using this site as a medium. It's beyond my humble abilities to describe it, but I think they are kinda like angels. With that said, here are some obvious stand-outs: Shirley Aguirre; Penny Oss; Penny Brown; Bubba-Lou Brown; A.J. Osborne; Rob Johnston; Cindy Miller; Bill Jansen; Mike Carrillo; Luke Carrillo; Jason Humphrey; Steve Coates; Joe McCarthy; Tommy Kimm; Sam Clausen; Bill Harsh; Dave Smith; Sharon Laird-Jensen; Jami Arata; The late Stu Blank; John Pundt; D.K. Stewart; Peter Dammon; Paul Weddle; Brian Hurt; The late Max Jones; The late Patty Draper & family; Doug Patterson; Anne & Maggie & Gramma Yoakum & family; Keith Jones; Dori Lavell & family; Marty & Linda McDonald; C.W. Schwartz; David Cooper; John Dooley; This list will probably always be incomplete, but I think I'll just continue it as we go along, k? There's a new CD coming. It's going to be the songs from "Waiting For The Bus" (electric; plus some new tunes) And folks guess what...It sure looks like the musicians I've been searching for were right in front of my eyes the whole time...Bill Jansen and Mike Carrillo..ain't that poetic justice.....ELKHORN.....hmmm? There's very likely going to be a new tour also. Either and with a band, or me solo. Probably both. *refer to principle contained in "Paint The Moon". John Dooley has suggested the tour be "Hungry Cold & Blue". That's one of the new songs, and do ya think the subject of the homeless should be addressed by us all? Comments are very welcome. Other news: I got some new black Chuck Taylors! AND, my Les Paul is hitting on all cylinders again.

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