It doesn't really concern me that all through Mayberry and Hooterville was a little slow last night. The folks that made the Elkhorn w/David Ford show at Rogers Zoo will tell you how the music was. We kept Rick Draper up way past his bed time, and that's a feat in itself. After the mandatory smokin' first set beginning with The Rolling Stones "Live With Me", and an hour and a half later breaking for water and a change into dry shirt...we did the whole "Hungry, Cold And Blue" album, acoustic guitar and all... Glad to see Java Jones Laurie along with Jared, Jim and Janet Gordon, (new Elk fans) Marty & Margie & crew, and the others I didn't get to meet, along with the Spirits of Marie & Bud Lindstrom, Dave and Fred Revis, Mike Worthen, Bob Olson, Max Jones, Doug Stevens, Nubs Courtwright, Tina Humphrey, Patti Draper,  Spook Flanagan, Joe Speaks, Kris Dew, Linda Dew, Jack Robertson, Barry Bamer, Terry Bair, Blind Bob and many, many more that sometimes slip our minds. The music lives on, and it's getting better all the time. Period.

P.S. Due to a scheduling mix-up, the May 1st gig at Rogers Zoo has been moved to Joe's Honky Tonk!



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