Ah-Right! I got my rock n roll duds on...(A TIE even) and headed north and thought I'd call Tomo to let him know I was coming for sure - Got to Hauser and found out the show was completely sold out, and there were no guest passes at all! Did a 180 and came back to the crows nest. I'll save my buck-bucks and rock another day.

     So I called Garse @ the Veterans Blues gig, and T-Bone Stone is there, so will hope to hear from him soon. He's the harmonica player that got us into Street Vibrations in 2006. The plot thickens....yes, folks, it's still rock n roll! Guess I'll work on some new songs....Got a few in the sprouting process...

     Last night Joe's Honky Tonk was witness to some good jamming as usual, and there was talk of a "Legends Of Elkhorn" show in the works....are there any bells out there left ringing? Stay tuned.



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