Salutations to April and Manifest List- Seems like every time I rotate a pic out of my photo page, a reason to put it back up comes along. So, that's what I did for April and also Fred Cox. Good to be friends with you both. And - We started building our tree-fort today! It's gonna be a GREAT one! Tiff and Rachel are going to maybe wear bikinis when the inspector comes to check the woodstove, so he doesn't look up on the hill at all. I found an old can of green spray paint and now - it's hardly noticeable anyway...This week I will finish the floor at least, then to back yard and build gated fences for our new newfie! Coming soon to join the family......more details as the list manifests'''' hmmmmm....G'night Mr Sandman oh Yeah - I almost forgot - The Tower records gig will NOT be on Friday May 27 cuz the employee who we got our info from didn't know that THURSDAYS is record release party day. Sooooo....either me, or me and Charley or nobody will do that gig....Possible Friday night gig somewhere else to begin that trip....again, details as they hatch. BL

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