Words. That's what I have to work with here, so here goes. No matter in what manner I describe these last few days at the Jensen Ranch East 4th of July Party, the way it came together, the dedication to a feeling, and the collective willingness to do what it took to get 60-some people fed, taken care of, entertained, introduced and essentially made part of....I reserve the word awesome for volcanos and such....but this was close....I'm about to go in and sing "Hungry, Cold And Blue" for a few friends that didn't hear it live yet.....then I'll try to get back here and write some more for you, k? In the meantime, check out the pics on photo page & try and feel it yerself!



All right - I notice and recognize many, many points of view and emotions or lack thereof for our country's day celebrating freedom. I also recognize that our own government has been gradually taking our freedoms from us. My perspective on this 4th of July is one of hope, and it lies in the next generations coming, our children. The younger folks at this party for the most part are fun loving, caring, understanding, friendly and hip. I hope and trust that there were many celebrations in America this past weekend that resembled ours. The focus seemed to be on freedom, fun and a good time in a non-violent, unabrasive way. The hippies had some stuff right. Peace. Love. Brothers and sisters. God bless us all.

p.s. there's a lot more pix coming...also check facebook

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