Hey gang! Thought I'd just say hello for those of you who are still with me here. I know I haven't been keep up much with my site updates, etc. But guess what? The site is still here, you're still here, I'm still here and there's no limit to what we can do together! So, here's a few positive words to give you the idea of what I'm trying to say... I was blessed today to be invited to play guitar and sing at Unity By The Bay. Not a church I am told, but a spiritual learning center. *short story: In the year 1932 my mother, Marie Christine Lindstrom (Frey) and her graduating class from North Bend High School all signed a document which was put in a safe box and placed INSIDE one of the cornerstones of what is now Unity By The Bay. I was vibin' around there this morning, trying to fugure out which corner it might be. I'm thinkin' her spirit, along with Sky St. John's spirit, and quite a few others could be hovering around during the services there....yeah, yeah, I'm a dreamer, blah blah. But I think that's pretty cool. I also got alot of hugs today, and one of them was quite special. I sang "Paint The Moon" & "Prince Of Peace" and got to "lead" the Millineum Prayer, which meant I got to improvise and sing anything I wanted like Sky gave me permission to do. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me share. Merry Christmas. This could be all you're gonna get from me this year. But the rent's paid, the bed's made, and the garbage is out....Those things I am grateful for...Peace. Please. Thank you. Namaste' BL

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