Thanks to Phil, the property owner and his family for letting us ROCK his place yesterday! Lotsa good food, some new friends made, and old friends re-visited. Some Elkhorn survivors always seem to show up, too! John Gretzinger made a couple of onstage appearances, the second of which I couldn't resist singing harmonies on. Thanks again to John Chamberlin http// and Stephan Diggle, Scott Cook and Richard Bacon for letting me sit in, and general hospitality all-round! Now, for all you waiting for news on the new CD: Me and Steve's schedules have been bumped a little, until this thursday. We did get 4 of the new songs done, and its sounding GREAT! 5 to go this week, Dave Bailey has offered to do any mastering needed, and then UNLEASH THE HOUNDS! Those of you that want to buy it early...while supplies are fresh...can email me here for arrangements, or at: Now, get out and soak up some of that sunshine, Sunshine! Namaste' BL

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