Another great day in Central Oregon...had an amazing lineup of musicians at The Northside Jam last night. It's always fun to get on stage with my friends and colleagues, besides...they are so talented and it's fun!

This weekend proposes to be another fun time, beginning tonight at Taylor's Sausage Deli & Pub. We start at 5:00pm so the happy hour turns into dinner hour turns into fun hour! Come on down for a few hours of simply great music and great times!

Saturday we go to Redmond and the beautiful Crave Restaurant, where I get to play in a wonderful atmosphere of amazing aromas from their kitchen and always a fun crowd. My beautiful Breedlove guitar Belle and I always have a great time there...good music, mmmmmm!

Sunday is usually my day of rest between the notes, but my friends at Unity Church asked me to play a few songs for their gathering. Such great people and I never pass up a chance to share my gifts.

More and peace to all!


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