.....Nancy McIntosh; Mz Harmonica; Lisa Peck; Bret Hilsabeck; Dexter; Perry & Tammy & all our friends from the Brushy Creek Inn; Alvin Berryhill; Terry, Pam & Nicholas MacMahon; Sean & Judy & everyone at Juniors Bar & Grill in Round Rock, Tx; Did I mention Cooper & Charlie?; Mike & Geri Dooley & Johns son Mike & family; Ernie & Herman & all the folks from Naches; The Country Rock folks; (The old cowboy: "You never know where its coming from.") Andrea; .....and what was the girls NAME that wrote "Bobby Banjuitar..?"; Mike & Chrissy Gross; Rick Hensyel & Michelle & Bob our boss; Joshua Longero & all his girls & critters: Sally Brown, Alison, Rachael & Orion, Tiffany, Gramma & Grampa Bate; Bugs, Bubbalou, Binks, Gramma cat, Kobe and all the others in the clan; Granny Lindstrom; Chris McKenzie; Stephen Diggle & family; Dave Ford; Fred Corbett; Phil Banry; Wanda Weathers; Steve & Judy Reik; Merle & Candace (Kansas); T-Bone Stone; Stu Blank; Frank Hayhurst & Zone Music; Bryan Hurt; Man, this is somethin' aint it? To be continued.... Namaste' BL

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