Hello again everyone - Like Tomo says: lovers and haters - I think I just did 9 gigs in 10 days, and I am staying in the crows nest, playing house today. Got some walls washed and some pictures and posters hung, yabbered with some friends on facebook, wrote down a to-do list before I even had coffee, and seem to be in some kind of grooooove... hefferdust fills the air as new life sprouts up! The fingertips on my left hand resemble frog fingers, as they should. I've just had a ball jammin' lately. All the different musicians and friends and fans have made my life rich. By the way, I expressed myself a little on the BLOG page here...Lemme know what you think, k? I hear Mr. Penny Brown and Donna King have had some pecking order summits, and Mr. Brown is getting to be quite the explorer outside. He had never seen the sugar pines or ponderosas, along with the new animals I am sure he is meeting, let alone the snow. Probably going where no cat has gone before. Last night I went down to Joe's Honky Tonk and got right in the middle of the first set, which was at a high-rollin boil. Yesterday morning I played acoustic for three hours at Java Jones, and serenaded some lovers. Didn't see any haters, cool. Today I touched base with Sam Densmore after a long time and we seem to be in very good harmony. FUCK DAY JOBS! Oh, my, such language! I got a video up - of Elkhorn playing at Hwy 101 Harley-Davidson last summer on my facebook page. Just call me digital Bob. (huh?) You folks have a wonderful day and to Sharon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Namaste' BL

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